I interview the author of recent memoir I Overcame My Autism and All I Got Was This Lousy Anxiety Disorder

Sarah Kurchak, a white woman with blonde hair and white glasses, smiles into the camera for a portrait. She wears a dark blue shoulderless zip-up top and stands in front of a window that looks out over a city junction.

I interview Pip, a vet and music writer from Manchester, about dyspraxia and the US indie-pop band Sylvan Esso

Pip, a white non-binary person with long hair swept over to one side and wearing a fluffy pink fleece, leans back and holds their head with a slight smile.

I speak to Anna Ward, a disability activist and languages student, about music, memory and being autistic.

I speak to five #ActuallyAutistic people about routine, special interests and socialising in the virtual world during Covid-19

Hannah’s Animal Crossing character sits back-to-back with Apollo, an anthropomorphic eagle in a pinstripe suit jacket.
Hannah with islander Apollo.

In the first Plastic People interview, I speak to guitarist Daniel Donaghy about the challenges and joys of being an autistic musician

Avery Adams

Writing about music, neurodiversity and disability.

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