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  • Amrita Panesar

    Amrita Panesar

  • rosa kucharska

    rosa kucharska

    genderqueer trans woman, linguistics student. they/she.

  • Cal Desmond-Pearson

    Cal Desmond-Pearson

    Camerados—Social Change—Mad/CripPunk—Hooklander—Anarcho—Mutual Aid—Psychogeography—PunkMonk—Uke/Kite/Zine—Snail Mail—OU—Thanatology—www thesocialhermit.org

  • Brayton Goodall

    Brayton Goodall

  • mjac


    21, french and spanish student at the university of warwick

  • Paula Kiger

    Paula Kiger

    Wife of one, Mom of two, Friend of many #IR4 Gareth

  • Ash Li

    Ash Li

    passionate about lgbtq+ matters, anti-racism, mental health & neurodiversity. sometimes i nudge my thoughts into coherent sentences.

  • Alison Rowland

    Alison Rowland

    Engineering and Leadership. I help teams do great work and be happy. Former Presidential Innovation Fellow, Co-Founder 18F.

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